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Founded in September 2008, Kaari-ensemble is a chamber choir for female voices. Rich and vivid in tone, the pursued sound is full of expression and femininity. The choir’s repertoire consists of technically and interpretatively demanding Classical-Romantic music as well as vocally interesting contemporary music.

Kaari-ensemble’s debut took place at St. Paul’s Church in Helsinki on December 16, 2008, and on June 6, 2009 the choir already achieved one gold stamp at the Tampere Vocal Music Festival. In his winter concert review, music critic Mats Liljeroos described the choir with the expression ’a women’s choir like an appropriately matured wine’ (Hufvudstadsbladet, February 16, 2010).

Kaari-ensemble’s artistic director and conductor is Saara Aittakumpu and the leader is vocal pedagog Laura Salovaara.

Kuva kuorosta laulamassa konsertissa juhlavasti.
Kaari-ensemble at the 10th anniversary concert in 2018. Photograph: Anni Vartola